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Love Travel? Interested In teaching?

Introducing Camp China…

Teaching English abroad in China is a great way to fill your gap year with a working holiday or get started in the realm of international education! Always wanted to tick the Great Wall of China off your bucket list? The Forbidden City? The Yagtze River? Now you can do just that, and more with Camp China.

Camp China are offering you the opportunity to live and work abroad, experience new places, new cultures, travel in your spare time, and earn a full-time salary teaching English to adorable kids from Kindergarten level through to Higher Secondary.

Placement in a Chinese school for minimum 1 year.
Fully Accredited 120 Hour TEFL Qualification and access to our training resources prior to departure.
Flight to China (select cities)*
Competitive local salary
Legal Z Work VISA
Airport Pickup Upon Arrival
21 Days of Paid Holidays

The Programme

Day 1 – Arrive in Seminyak

Welcome to Bali! Touch down in Denpasar Airport where you’ll be greeted by your designated rep and transferred back across to our accommodation base in Seminyak!

Prepare for an induction with your fellow campers, where we’ll run over the programme itinerary for the next 12 days and prepare you for a truly unforgettable trip!

Day 2 – Beach Cleanup & Surf Lesson

This morning, do your bit for the local community with a beach cleanup. Collect bags full of plastic and waste and become a part of the huge CampBali effort to keep Bali’s beaches and oceans clean!

This afternoon, surfs up! Get involved in a Balinese surf lesson led by a professional surfer dude on the infamous Seminyak beach!

Meals Included: A delicious Vegan Breakfast & Lunch.

Day 3 – Transfer to the Island of Nusa Penida

Today we’ll transfer to the beautiful island of Nusa Penida, a stunning tropical paradise island just southeast of Bali with the most beautiful palm-fringed beaches and the most epic beach clubs!

Why not spend your afternoon chilling on a blanket of sand and taking a dip in the crystal blue island waters? If you’re not a fan of sand, hit up a famous beach club for a cheeky cocktail (or 5?!) by the pool! Lush…

Meals Included: A delicious Vegan Breakfast & Lunch.

Day 4 – Turtle Conservation

After 3 jam-packed days of fun, it’s time to get those hands dirty and make a difference in the local community by participating in our incredible turtle conservation project!

Spend your days learning all about the history of these beautiful creatures – how they are being affected by climate change and plastic pollution for example, as well as helping to feed them, clean their shells and maintain their enclosures and the sanctuary grounds. This truly is an unforgettable experience for all turtle lovers!

Meals Included: A delicious Vegan Breakfast & Lunch.

Day 5 – Nusa Penida Day Tour

Prepare for a jam-packed day of exploring! Today we’ll take on the infamous Keling-King Hike! If you’ve never heard of this place, now is the time to give it a quick Google! (Prepare to be blown away!) Don’t forget your trainers today, as this is a pretty challenging climb, however the views from the top and the golden beach at the bottom is 100% worth it!

We’ll also visit the beautiful Broken Beach and the Crystal Blue waters of Angels Billabong! Prepare for a full day of insanely Insta-worthy picture taking!

Meals Included: A delicious Vegan Breakfast & Lunch.

Day 6 – Turtle Conservation

Time to say hello to our little friends once more! Spend the day feeding, cleaning and learning all about our precious turtles in the Nusa Penida sanctuary.

If you’re really lucky, we may even have chance to release the turtles back into the ocean having completed full rehabilitation and nurture back to health. Fingers Crossed!*

* Turtle release is dependent on various factors and we cannot always guarantee a release during your trip.

Meals Included: A delicious Vegan Breakfast & Lunch.

Day 7 – Transfer to Ubud

Today we transfer to the uplands of Bali, the centre of culture, traditional arts and dance in Ubud. Huddled by rainforest and terraced rice paddies, Ubud is dotted with temples and shrines as well as the most epic market stalls!

Upon arrival, we’ll settle into the accommodation in preparation for the next leg of our trip!

Meals Included: A delicious Vegan Breakfast & Lunch.

Day 8 – Ubud Day Tour

Today will be a day brimming with culture and adventure (as well as lots of Insta-worthy pictures, of course!).

Spend the day getting that epic monkey selfie whilst exploring Monkey Forest, soar over traditional Balinese Rice paddies on the infamous Bali Swing, try a true Cat-Poo-Chino (Balinese speciality coffee tasting to you and me!) and round off your day with a dip in the world-renowned Git Git waterfall!

Spend the evening having a few drinks in a local bar or restaurant- Ubud nightlife isn’t one to be missed!

Meals Included: A delicious Vegan Breakfast & Lunch.

Day 9 – Yoga & Meditation Day

Relax and rejuvenate today with an included Yoga and Meditation session on the beach. Does anything scream Bali more than sunset Yoga, after-all?

Meals Included: A delicious Vegan Breakfast & Lunch.

Day 10 – Cooking Class and Free Day

Today is yours to create your very own traditional Balinese meal – Vegan style! Create your masterpiece from a wide selection of fresh ingredients and Balinese herbs and spices and share amongst the group (or don’t!)

This afternoon is yours to spend as you please, why not roam Ubud’s famous market stalls or take an optional trip to ‘Lempuyang Temple’, otherwise known as ‘Bali Heavens Gate’! If you’re yet to hear of this place, Google it! We promise you won’t be let down…

Meals Included: A delicious Vegan Breakfast & Lunch.

Day 11 – Transfer to Canggu – Beach Cleanup & Sunset Drinks

Today we transfer to beautiful Canggu. Start your day with one final beach cleanup to help CampBali keep Bali’s beaches and oceans clean!

This evening, spend one final night with your fellow campers and enjoy a few cocktails under the beautiful Balinese sunset.

Meals Included: A delicious Vegan Breakfast & Lunch.

Day 12 – Departure Day

Today is the last day of your summer of a lifetime *cry*!

It’s time to say goodbye to your fellow campers and prepare for your onward travel! If you have any questions or need any travel advice at all, our designated camp reps are always happy to help!

It’s been a pleasure,

The Camp Bali Team x



Whilst teaching experience is always welcome, it’s not essential to join us on the CampChina programme!

If you’re successfully selected for this once in a lifetime opportunity, you’ll receive full EFL/ESL teacher training and gain a fully accredited teaching qualification! Here’s a list of what we DO require you to have: 

A Bachelor's Degree (in any relevant field)
A Clear Criminal Background Check
Ability to obtain the relevant VISA to live abroad for at least 1 year
A Fully Accredited Teaching Qualification (Don’t worry if you don’t have this yet, we’ll provide it!)
Be a Passport Holder from any of the following:


Step 1 – Submit your application

Submit your initial application and attach your most recent and up to date CV for reviewing. Our applications team will then review your suitability to become an International English Teacher and get back to you within 48 hours. 

Step 2 – Submit your video interview

If we think your CV is up to scratch we’ll progress your application to the next stage! Time to submit your video interview!

Here at Camp China, we need to ensure our English Teachers are personable, charismatic and confident.

That’s why we get all Camp China applicants to submit a video interview. We’ll provide the questions and topics, you just need to hit record on our software and do the talking.

Step 3 – The final stage of interviewing

If your Video Interview is successful, we’ll pass your details across to our team on the ground in China, who will then conduct the final stage of interviewing.



Currency: RMB (Renminbi)

Top Attractions: Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Giant Panda National Parks, Yangtze River.

Start date & DURATION


Upon completion of one year period, CampChina will reimburse your flights! (So once you’ve completed your first year of teaching and living in China, your summer of a lifetime costs you nothing at all!)